is another Bitcoin gambling site offer automatic betting.

First, we need to get the FREE Bitcoin from the faucet or you can deposit some if you want:

Second, we have to increase you balance:  Bet MAX >> Payout 2X >> ROLL DICE, if you win, switch the Roll Over To Win and BET MAX >> PAYOUT 2X >> ROLE DICE again.  Repeat until you have 4000 satoshi / 0.00004000 or more in your balance.  If you loose everything, just try again in 5 minutes using the FREE Bitcoin from the faucet.

Once we have over 4000 satoshi / 0.00004000 BTC, we can start the AUTOMATED BETTING with the following settings:

Finally, don't be greedy and know when to stop.  The longer you play, the higher chance you will loose everything.